35 yo..
Middle Eastern
5'9" (~175cm)
Oral Only
English French
from 50 to 60 yo..
23 March 2017

I am from middle east but i live in Canada. I have a good shape,nice and attractive face, tanned skin,black eyes and hairy chest. I am very emotional and affectionate man.I am down to earth easy going man and have good sense of humour .I am very discreet and introverted person.I am very open minded and cultivate. I am looking for a good and romantic older man. I like to have romantic sex( oral sex ). I like to have a nice and good older man for making real love. respect and love are very important for me.I am looking for LTR. with a good , romantic and honest older man. I like silver daddy type with grey hair and facial hair. good looking older man turns me on .chemistry, appearance, personality and affinity are important to me . I am not looking to hook up .
any older man that wants only sex (anal sex) or faceless profile do not send message to me.
If I find a right guy ,who is serious for relationship and there is strong chemistry ,I am ready to relocate also .
my interesting things to do are fishing, camping , walking in forest,play backgammon and cooking traditional foods.
thanks a lot
Je cherche un homme très mature et romantique pour une relation longterme.Je suis très sensuel et émotif. merci pour lire mon profile .
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